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​My photographs have appeared in print in magazines such as National Wildlife (US), Twist (UK, and Japan), and Discover (US). They have also been used on-line for National Wildlife, Audubon, and National Geographic articles and advertising.

My photos appear in best selling books listed on the "My Story" page.


​Please ask if you don't see the subject that you are looking for.

Whenever I photograph wild flowers, I inevitably return with portraits of their inhabitants instead.  

The "Hawks' Way" by Sy Montgomery  will be a companion book to "The Hummingbirds' Gift".  This will be the 2nd book in a planned 3-book set. 

3 time's a charm - 2022 will also hopefully  be the year that I finally get to Costa Rica to photograh quetzels, poison dart frogs, vipers, and more hummingbirds. 

portraits of nature to promote conservation and education.


WILDLIFE  Photography


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I did photographs for "Soul of an Octopus" by Sy Montgomery.  The book was on the NY Times best seller list, and a National Book Award finalist.


Birds are a specialty.  Recently it's been vultures.   They display an amazing tenderness with their young.   Both parents  care for the chicks. 

Tianne Strombeck

I tend to take portraits.  I want to understand my subjects, to  capture their essence and show  how they interact with their environment and each other.